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Safe&Click works hand in hand with Telcos and Content Providers.
A game changer for ad fraud in mobile subscriptions.


Machine learning and Biometric controls let us detect new fraud in real time.


A team with more than seven years of experience fighting fraud, and hundred of patterns detected.

What we do Antifraud Solution for Mobile Content

Thanks to our experience, we have created a system based on patterns that detects anomalous behaviour and attacks fraud in an intelligent way, making it much more efficient.

Using complex algorithms and enormous datasets Safe&Click created the most powerful and sophisticated Antifraud Solution for Mobile Content. Thanks to AI and the sector expertise, managing risk is easier than ever. The system can oversee and filter billions of clicks, manage all leads and automate positive and negative events.

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Biometrics Controls The ultimate Biometric Security Systems

Safe&Click redefines fraud detection with the ultimate Biometric Security Systems. For The first time bots will no longer be able to subscribe users.

Hundreds of millions of smartphones are attacked every day, which is why our solutions are the most trusted by the industry. We are using touch and touchless technologies in order to activate the subscribe button only for real human users using biometric sensors and algorithms who determine the type of user with 100% accuracy.

Control each level


Secure Banners

Banner placed in a secure and controlled environment. Avoid serving crativities in not allowed sites and control bot behaviour trying to click on them.


Block Fraudulent Clicks

Avoid bots, click spamming, spoofing repeated IPs. We have currently detected more than 20.000 malicious apps, blacklisted farms...


Secure Landing Pages

MSISDN attack prevention, biometric controls, fingerprint controls, avoid injection codes. Your landing page never will be your weak point.


Control Fraudulent Leads

Detect anomalous behaviours in conversions and manage the fraudulent leads while you investigate them.


Boost your ROI

Set your KPIs and let our robots do your job. Automatically block unprofitable sources and let you focus on best ones.

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Security Systems


Biometric security systems

No more bots. Only humans will have the opportunity to subscribe to premium content.


Fingerprint mapping

Advanced technology detecting the intentions of repeated subscriptions from the same/unique user.


Dedicated analyst team

Our analyst team is fighting fraud 24/7. You are not paying for a tool you have access to an expert team.


Hundreds of patterns

We can detect all kinds of anomalous distributions of leads and block the traffic in real time.


Detailed Reports

Advanced and fully-explanatory reports providing Valued Information at the Right Time (VIRT).


More than 2 billions of fraudulent clicks blocked per month.


More than 1.5 millions of leads detected like fraud per month.


Decrease 99 percent of complaints in call centers.

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